Wall Banners and Murals  

Promote your brand in the grandest way possible with a wall mural. Whether you want to advertise inside or out, our customized murals can help to serve as a piece of décor as well as an advertisement. Our professionals help you with everything, including installation, to ensure your 100 percent satisfaction with your mural.

In non-commercial settings, wall murals offer a wide variety of custom wallpaper uses. A great piece of artwork can be magnified and printed wall-size to adorn a room of your home. Children especially love a custom wall printing featuring their favorite super heroes, animals or fairytale characters. Take on an interior design project by starting with wall art printed to your exact size, shape and color specifications.

Small businesses can appreciate the ability to tackle both decorating and advertising in one fell swoop with a wall mural that features their logo or tagline. Custom wallpaper can show off bright, bold colors to capture attention in a large space or can be subtle and suggestive with neutral-colored iconography.

Custom wallpaper can be printed, fit and cut to match any wall dimensions. The printing experts at Stain Digital and Imaging are available to see the project entirely through installation, ensuring your wall mural looks beautiful and professional. Contact us for a free quote today!


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