Corporate Brochures And Folders  

When branding your business, you need to utilize every opportunity that you can. By including your brand on even the smallest details, like pocket folders, you can help stick your brand in a potential client’s mind. If you want to make a good impression at your conference, use our professional services to create custom pocket folders to present your information in an interesting and attractive way. They can also be used for meetings, for new customers or for any other time that you hand out materials and want to make a good impression. ?

Use branded pocket folders to distribute training materials to new employees with important company details and contact information printed right on the inside for easy access. Other businesses find that pocket folders are an excellent leave-behind item for cold calls or even trade shows when making your information recognizable and memorable is crucial?
Pocket folders can be printed on a variety of different papers, with finishing, lamination, die cutting, foiling and embossing options available. Talk with the printing experts at Stain Digital and Imaging to see how we can custom print and cut your pocket folders to meet any size or material requirements. Our trained printers can also add in pocket slits for staff members to insert their personalized business cards.

Clients will never have to worry about losing your contact information when it is easily stored in the folder alongside their quote, project details or sales sheets. For smaller accounts, pocket folders are a great way to impress meeting attendees without blowing your whole marketing budget on useless promo items. A good pocket folder is both practical and efficient, providing a use for both your company and the recipient. Custom pocket folders can be printed in any amount whether you are ready to stock up for the year or just want a few for an upcoming meeting. Upload your company logo and let our team of professionals take care of the rest!?

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